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Сфера деятельности Услуги и Сервис
Страна Украина
Регион Киев
Сайт фирмы http://imbgroup.com.ua/
Информация о фирме IMB Group

IMB Group is determined to provide superior products and services to its customers, deliver best in class results to shareholders, gain a reputation as the “employer of choice” in the Ukrainian banking community and contribute to the communities where it conducts business.

In the long term, our goal is to:
- Build a legendary brand
- Gain a reputation for social responsibility in our community
- Deliver high returns for our shareholders

We promote teamwork and dedicate ourselves to serving our customers. Our strong team of professionals is united by core values, which emphasize:

- Commitment. We believe that success comes only with commitment.
- Reliability. We deliver what we promise and treasure partnership.
- Innovation. We welcome change and always try to improve ourselves.
- Effectiveness. We implement effective business processes that deliver superior results.
- Integrity. Our reputation is one of the most valuable assets. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of it.
- Communicativeness. We are dedicated to provide our stakeholders with timely information and build successful communication within and outside the company.


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