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Сфера деятельности Услуги и Сервис
Страна Украина
Регион Львов
Сайт фирмы http://www.n-ix.com/
Информация о фирме N-IX

N-iX company started in 2002, as the R&D department of Newcomp Computersystem GmBH in Ukraine. The N-iX R&D department provided independent research of the Novell solutions, based on the Linux platform. Building on this research, we developed Novell Groupwise Client and Novell Client for Linux.

Since then, the N-iX R&D department has been reconstructed into an independent company developing software and IT Consulting. To date, N-iX Company is a team of specialists providing a wide range of IT services from Software Development to Hardware Designing. Our company is centred on the key technologies in which our specialists are leading.

N-iX is a customer oriented company. Working with our clients we head not only for tasks fulfillment in the Contract framework, but also for a long-term partnership assisting our clients to reach their next peaks.

Due to our experience in the service outsourcing market we have optimally reduced the disadvantages of cooperation with distant developers and consultant teams. We provide free consultations and proven methodologies to apply outsourcing processes for clients who are not ready to outsource.

Our mission is the base of our business. It guides our daily actions, facilitates decision-making and development of short- and long-term business strategies. Our mission is comprised of our Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, and Goals.


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